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Sophie Wang is London based art photographer. She is currently studying BA photography course at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, and will graduate in July 2022 . Sophie is interested in further developing original images into various artistic media and forms. For example, she makes photo-sculptures, moving image and multi-disciplinary installations. Sophie’s current work is called  ‘The structure of stars, atoms and cells’. The film explores the formal connections between ‘macro’ and ‘micro’, and in particular how the human imagination can be stimulated by watching this installation film. The work she made are two sculptures made of wood and white card material and project the film onto two sculptures.

She also placed LED strips inside each polyhedron, leaking from triangular cracks in the polyhedron and twinkling like stars. She further placed her sculpture in the woodland space, aiming to explore the energy of life in nature. 


Degree show, London College of Communication, London (2022)


TEL: +44 7491940722

Artist film: